2015 A Good Year for ACA Members

Over the holidays, I took a look at the “Member News” section of our website, where we catalog the media coverage of ACA member investors and organizations and found more than 250 stories in 2015 about exits, new investments, milestones, economic impact, investor features and much more.  ACA members are getting it done, and done well!

There are too many to call out, but here are a few of my favorites from throughout last year, from all over North America:

And because I can’t help it, here is my favorite article title of last year:  Forget the pope’s visit, 700 angels are coming to Philly in 2016 .  The 2016 ACA Summit will be a great way to bring together the great knowledge that comes from all of our great members.

Check out many other great stories here.  Here’s to a strong 2016!