Angel Returns and Portfolio Strategy

Explore data-driven studies on expected returns, effective portfolio diversity strategies, and the factors that impact rates of returns. Two of ACA’s angel groups completed extensive studies on these topics in 2018, and the expert instructor will share insights about diversification, time to exit, investing in specific business verticals, and the role of angels during downturns.

Interested in hosting Angel Returns and Portfolio Strategy?

ACA would love to work with your angel group to set you up for success!  ACA will provide the following services to the hosting group:

  • Launch registration and manage billing
  • Prepare and run all technology during the live event
  • Coordinate logistics with instructor and attendees
  • Create an archive video recording of the event, which will be available for 30 days
  • Supply an experienced moderator for the panel portion of the event, but ACA highly recommends utilizing a resource within the hosting group for a more personalized experience for the attendee
  • Ongoing customer service and support for host and attendees

The opportunity to host ACA Angel University workshops is offered exclusively to ACA members.  Pricing is as follows:

*Discounts and pricing caps are available for host groups paying in full.  Please contact Heather Krejci for more information

All ACA Angel University workshops provide one hour of Professional Angel Education (PAE) learning credits.  Upon completion of each workshop track, all attendees will receive a certificate of achievement:

  • Angel Investing Basics track
  • Angel Investing - Deeper Dive track
  • Completion of the full ACA Angel University workshop offerings

If you have any questions, please e-mail Heather Krejci.

Approved Lead Instructors

John Harbison
Tech Coast Angels
Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Bill Payne
Frontier Angels
Henderson, NV

Rick Timmins
Central Texas Angel Network
Austin, TX