ACA Affinity Partners

At IBTX our goal is to make sure you're protected should the bottom fall out. If you're struggling with the fallout from a claim, the last thing you need on your mind is whether you and your team are protected, let us take care of that. We're here to help you lay the foundation for a solid plan, make sure your organization is protected by solid coverage, and help provide you with the understanding and guidance needed to make it through a "worst-case" scenario.

IBTX is extremely excited to officially have kicked off our new ACA affinity partnership and the ACA Insurance Alliance! Warren Spiwak is joined by our team of industry experts, and we can’t wait to show you the strength and flexibility we can provide you and your company with through our suite of innovative insurance solutions, from Directors and Officers coverage for the individual angel as well as the ability to cover portfolios, Cyber insurance, Employer Practice Liability, to new approaches to traditional business insurance that can fit any of the unique needs of a large and diverse group as the Angel network.

We understand all this is new, but we’re here to help you navigate the first steps in a better way to approaching insurance for Angels and entrepreneurs alike. Visit us at our new personalized Angels Landing Page or find us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to tune in as we begin to roll out weekly webinars covering the Insurance Alliance Process, as well as a number of informative topics concerning insurance we think will help the Angel network. We can’t wait to meet you!