Use ACA to Connect to Angels and Entrepreneurs

The Angel Capital Association offers excellent opportunities to build your firms relationship with more than 13,000 angels across North America, the portfolio companies they invest in, and the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs that view ACA's website. A significant number of ACA website users ask ACA for recommnendations on legal, accounting and other professional services. 

Since 2005 ACA has been the trade association of leading angel investment groups in North America - providing professional development, best practices, networking and collaboration opportunities for angel investors.  Membership now also includes accredited crowdfunding platforms, family offices, and indpendent angel investors. ACA also serves as the public policy voice of the angel community.

ACA offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities, from annual partnerships that connect firms throughout the year and across media channels to ACA member organizations to specific events and specialized advertising online and in ACA publications.

To learn more about these opportunities, please call or email ACA Partnership Director Lucy Howell at (520) 878 6683. 

ACA Members and Their Portfolio Companies

Access High Net Worth Individuals

  • 2017 Membership: More than 13,000 individual accredited investors, all of whom are high-net-worth individuals adn have their own professional and personal needs and requirements. Many members belong to 220 member angel organizations and 20 affiliate organizations throughout North America. 
  • Accredited investors: Under SEC guidelines, have a net worth of at least $1 million (not including primary residence), an annual income of at least $200,000, or both. Most have a net worth many times that minimum requirement. 
  • Business Access: These individuals serve on thousands of other public and private boards, including audit committees. For example, CommonAngel Ventures as 67 members who currently serve on the board of directors of over 160 companies, including 19 public, 77 private, adn 65 non-profit companies; in the past they ahve served on over 400 boards, including 58 public, 217 private, and 134 non-profit. 

Access High Potential Entrepreneurs and Startups

  • ACA Member Funding: Each year ACA members fund approximately 1200 new companies in teh US and Canada. 
  • ACA Member Portfolios: Include more than 10,000 companies in a variety of innovative industry sectors. 

These companies look to their advisors to recommend professional services.