The Angel Capital Association will hold its sixth annual Innovation Showcase as a special segment of the 2018 ACA Summit on April 18-20. The companies below will present their innovations to the full audience of angel investors in Boston. The Innovation Showcase  is by invitation only. It is not open to the general public and participating startup companies must be nominated in advance by a qualified ACA member angel group, fund, accelerator, university, government entity, or trade commission. A special thanks to ACA Annual Partner Gust Launch for co-presenting the Innovation Showcase with us this year.

2018 Innovation Showcase Companies

Abilis Life Sciences, Inc.
Potomac, MD
Underwriting Organization: RGA

Abilis is developing an A.I. based bladder cancer test using a non-invasive urine specimen aimed at the 1.5 million people who currently must undergo invasive diagnostic workups each year.

Pittsburgh, PA
Underwriting Organization: VentureWell

Aeronics makes portable oxygen technologies across of variety of platforms including both prescription and non-prescription oxygen.


Kanata, ON
Underwriting Organization: Capital Angel Network

A portable, self-powered, sustainable cooking grill that utilizes solid bio-fuel and enriched air, which is less expensive to operate than any competing fossil fuel technology. (i.e.) all other existing BBQ's , Grills & Stoves.

Alba-Technic, LLC
Winthrop, ME
Underwriting Organization: NIH

Alba-Technic, LLC develops and manufactures high-impact protective headgear and bodygear using a patented shock-absorbing composite. The composite reduces fall-related injuries among seniors and impact-related injuries among athletes and active adults.

Astarte Medical Partners
Yardley, PA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic

Astarte Medical has developed NICUtrition to standardize feeding, optimize nutrition, and quantify gut health for preterm infants.

BlockSafe Technologies®, Inc.
Edison, NJ
Underwriting Organization: RGA

BlockSafe Technologies, Inc, secures the blockchain eco-system, from crypto-wallets to crypto-exchanges and private blockchains, with a unique suite of patented products that prevent harmful malware from stealing your crypto-currency or corrupting your private blockchain.

Washington, DC
Underwriting Organization: Project 500

Bonnti is a mobile platform which helps you navigate and simplify your hair experience. We are reinventing the way women find hairstylists and how hairstylists grow their brand and professional networks.


Calabasas, CA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu NW

CarLabs has created a cognitive, conversational AI-powered platform (PaaS) for automating and enhancing sales and marketing in the automotive vertical, offering car buyers a dramatically simplified shopping experience that significantly increases conversions and return on marketing spend for car sellers.

Pittsburgh, PA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Mid-Atlantic

Circadiance provides remote patient monitoring systems. Focusing initially on Infant Apnea Monitoring, we seamlessly transmit data from the patient’s home to clinicians who can remotely analyze data to determine the appropriate course of care for the patient. Circadiance is growing and profitable.

Shaker Heights, OH
Underwriting Organization: NIH

We are a biotech company that is focused on developing innovative therapies for cancer and heart disease. In particular, we focus on developing novel therapies based upon the derivatives of a highly active natural product called Securinine.

Go Together
Washington DC
Underwriting Organization: Project 500

CarpooltoSchool offers school administrators the ability to leverage technology to offer diverse, low maintenance resources parents need to organize carpools, walkpools and bikepools.

Hillhurst Biopharmaceuticals
Montrose, CA
Underwriting Organization: NIH

We are a private biopharmaceutical company based in Southern California, founded in 2012 to realize the medical potential of over fifty years of research into the heme oxygenase enzyme and its metabolites as therapeutic agents.  The technology was co-invented by Edward Gomperts, MD, a hematologist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with extensive biopharmaceutical industry experience.

MITO Material Solutions
Stillwater, OK
Underwriting Organization: VentureWell

MITO Material Solutions has developed a nano-additive named the “MITO T-Series.” The T-Series is then mixed in with any epoxy or resin, which then toughens composite parts by 100% while decreasing the chances of mechanical failure by 80%. This allows industries to pick which value they would like to have in their products: a 100% increase in toughness, or up to a 35% decrease of materials needed.

Onboard Dynamics
Bend, OR
Underwriting Organization: Portland Seed Fund

Onboard Dynamics seeks to lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by removing infrastructure barriers to driving natural gas-powered vehicles.​

Portland, OR
Underwriting Organization: Portland Seed Fund

OpConnect provides a software platform to utilities and electric vehicle fueling providers enabling them to manage and monetize EV charging infrastructure and utilize EVs as distributed energy resources.

Seattle, WA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Capital

A revolutionary new device from OtoNexus Medical Technologies uses air-coupled ultrasound technology to provide the data physicians need to instantly and accurately assess middle ear infections, and in particular to differentiate when and when not to prescribe antibiotics.

PlenOptika, Inc.
Allston, MA
Underwriting Organization: NIH

PlenOptika was formed to respond to the problem of low vision suffered by more than a billion people worldwide. QuickSee by PlenOptika enables accurate autorefraction anywhere, at the touch of a button.

Precision Image Analysis 
Kirkland, WA 
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Capital

PIA provides an innovative remote image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI.

Salarius Pharma
Houston, TX
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu MidAtlantic

Salarius is an oncology based epigenetic focused biotechnology company developing targeted treatments for patients who need them the most. Our lead compound Seclidemstat represents a paradigm shift in the treatment of cancer and we are initially targeting Ewing sarcoma a devastating pediatric, adolescent and young adult bone cancer where no targeted therapies are currently available.

Washington D.C.
Underwriting Organization: Project 500

SouSou is a financial technology company that helps people build the credit, cash collateral and financial acumen needed to attract a loan or line of credit for their business and personal needs. We work with an exclusive network of social impact funds, banks and investors that fund economic development, small business and home ownership projects.

TouchJet USA
Campbell, CA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu MidAtlantic

Touchjet developed and brought to market the world’s first and only touchscreen smart projector and touchscreen smart TV.

Words Liive 
Washington D.C.
Underwriting Organization: Project 500

Remix English Class with Music that students love. With 3 easy steps, you'll get: Slide-by-Slide teaching notes, Custom, online lesson slides, Standards-aligned assessments, Time to prep, grade, or just relax.

1World Online
Palo Alto, CA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu NW

1World's Global Platform consists of highly engaging tools, content, and powerful analytics to boost performance and revenue. With support for 27 languages, we can help you supercharge your story.