The Innovation Showcase is by invitation only. It is not open to the general public and participating startup companies must be nominated in advance by a qualified fund, accelerator, university, government entity, or trade commission.

On April 26, 2017 in San Francisco, Angel Capital Association will hold its fifth annual Innovation Showcase as a special segment to our annual Summit. This is a unique opportunity for funds, accelerators, trade commissions, government, and universities to put their best and brightest early stage companies on center stage with the Angel Capital Association network of professional angel investors.

Only a very select group of early stage companies can participate in this most prestigious event. Each company will receive coaching from qualified angel investors prior to the event, present their business to the entire audience of 700 angels  immediately following the opening keynote session, and participate in a “Venture Bucks” networking event.

2017 Innovation Showcase Companies

Abom, Inc.
Portland, OR
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Bay Area/Capital

Abom, Inc. is the business of inventing, producing, marketing and selling innovative anti-fog technology products to the military, safety, consumer and industrial protective eyewear markets.  With 15 patents issued and 46 pending, Abom has a growing IP portfolio that is a barrier to entry for competitors in the potential broad application of products that Abom or Abom’s OEM or licensing partners bring to market. For more information, visit

San Francisco, CA
Underwriting Organization: North Bay Angels

Altwork Station is a totally new way to work with your computer: An integrated workstation that supports your body as it moves your keyboard and screen with you -- at the press of a button. Move from standing to sitting to full reclining. Results: comfort, focus, productivity.

ARIZ Precision Medicine
San Francisco, CA
Underwriting Organization: Davis Angel Network

ARIZ is developing potentially curative cancer therapies by targeting the cause, using targeted drug delivery systems to deliver the right dose at the right time to the cancer cell exclusively.

Atlanta, GA
Underwriting Organization: Mass Challenge

ARMR Systems develops wearable hemorrhage control systems designed to increase the survivability of traumatic battlefield injury in situations where advanced medical support is not immediately available. The company’s simple, yet highly-effective standalone products and integrated solutions provide warfighters, combat medics and other field-based personnel with lifesaving trauma care capabilities unmatched in today’s battlefield environment.

Bioinsumos Kayta
Santiago, Chile
Underwriting Organization: WeAngels

Kayta isolates and produces native yeasts to maximize the unique character and identity of wine, beer and other food products.

Columbus, OH
Underwriting Organization: JobsOhio

Clarivoy is the Auto Industry's leading provider of ​Multi-Touch Attribution. Our solutions reveal more about our clients'​ customers, their advertising and their path to success so they can drive more sales. Our proprietary technology grants marketers incomparable visibility into their customers and campaigns - across all channels, all devices - online and offline. Armed with this new information, marketers can stop guessing and start knowing what is working and what is not.

Petaluma, CA
Underwriting Organization: North Bay Angels

Crater developed SurveyBot, the all-in-one video estimate solution that’s rewriting the rules of the moving industry. Powerful, flexible and effortless, video surveys provide moving companies with an efficient way to boost sales productivity, significantly lower sales overhead and provide their customers with a convenient service for on demand pricing.  

Valparaíso, Chile
Underwriting Organization: WeAngels

Emercom is a Chilean technology company established in 2016 dedicated to develop innovative information platforms. With a strong sense of social responsibility and a desire to engineer solutions at the service of the people, we strive to find solutions that generate a positive impact for everyone and we are currently focusing our efforts in emergencies, prevention, monitoring among other areas.

Santiago, Chile
Underwriting Organization: WeAngels

A line of hygiene and cleaning products that contain natural micro-particles that neutralize and Eliminate pollutants from the environment and toxic heavy metals, protecting the skin and health of exposed people.

Tucson, AZ and Orange County, CA
Underwriting Organization: Tucson Hispanic Chamber

Giveplicity is a revolutionary new network of socially-conscious merchants and community organizations that has been created for the sole purpose of generating increased charitable giving in communities across the nation. Utilizing advanced credit card linking technologies and our own proprietary software, we have created this dynamic, powerful partnership that uses the common, everyday purchases of its members to generate critical donations to expand the good work of the community organizations they are most passionate about. Merchants in the Giveplicity Network can achieve far deeper customer loyalty – while expanding their customer base and increasing their sales volume – by intimately aligning their business with the unique community passions of every customer that walks through their door.

HERO Sports
Bellevue, WA
Underwriting Organization: Alliance of Angels

HERO Sports is the low-cost creator, aggregator, and distributor of college sports team digital content.

Oakland, CA
Underwriting Organization: INSEAD Silicon Valley Angels

With LENDonate, nonprofits can crowdsource loans at competitive market rates, and lenders can both give and get back a return on their investment. Mutually beneficial, LENDonate brings nonprofits together with their supporters in a way that empowers everyone. LENDonate is a committed team of people with experience in the financial and nonprofit sectors.

Pebble Beach, CA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Bay Area/Capital

Linqto's platform automates white-labeling of apps for banks and deploys those branded apps to Apple and Google for their customers. The Linqto platform enables 20,000 smaller banks and credit unions to compete with the top 10 by providing a cost-effective and immediate method for adopting the latest technology. The platform is provided to channel partners, banking associations and credit union leagues, who provide the service to their member financial institutions. 

My Job Studio
Santiago, Chile
Underwriting Organization: WeAngels

My Job Studio optimizes the recruitment process by reducing recruitment time by 80% through their simple platform. They connect you with the top five professionals in your area. It's easy, efficient and accurate.

Cincinnati, OH
Underwriting Organization: JobsOhio

NaviStone transforms unidentifiable website visitors into an engaged audience to include in direct mail campaigns.

New View Surgical, Inc.
Boston, MA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic

New View Surgical is a Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) company focused on improving the outcomes of laparoscopic surgical procedures through the commercialization of clinically and economically superior visualization technologies. The Company is developing VisionPort™, a family of products that is the first truly major advancement in MIS visualization since the development of the video computer chip three decades ago that allowed surgeons to view surgery on a TV monitor. The innovative VisionPort will simplify minimally invasive procedures, give surgeons greater control, improve safety and enhance technical proficiency. Additionally, it will significantly reduce the costs associated with visualization systems that play a critical role in MIS.

Santiago, Chile
Underwriting Organization: WeAngels

Polimorfosis investigates, develops and offers a wide range of products. Their goal is to position products in various markets and become leaders in them by focusing initially on: medical supplies, sports protections, personal safety, road safety, household items, among others.

Precision Image Analysis
Kirkland, WA
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Bay Area/Capital

PIA provides an innovative remote image post-processing analysis service for use in diagnostic medical studies, including CT and MRI.

ReadySet Surgical 
Cincinnati, OH
Underwriting Organization: JobsOhio

ReadySet simplifies the surgical vendor supply chain. It consolidates logistics and communication through one dashboard accessible by all members of the surgical team to ensure that every patient has the right equipment with the right sterilization parameters at the right time. Visit to learn more or request a demo.

Westport, CT
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Mid Atlantic

SafeRide disables your phone's ability to TEXT or CALL while driving. By muting the audio and disabling the screen, SafeRide removes the distraction!

Sundown AI
Miami, FL
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Capital

Sundown Ai's Chloe is an Artificial Intelligence system that lowers labor costs by automating customer service and sales. By using NLP and Machine learning, she is able to answer repetitive questions from emails, sms, social media or chats. She extracts and processes customer interactions, and uses that info to answer future written inquiries. Chloe is able to answer detailed questions and can take actions to close cases via existing business suites.

Philadelphia, PA
Underwriting Organization: Rowan Venture Fund

Tassl partners with schools looking to drive change in the way engagement metrics are utilized at an institution and build long lasting relationship with their alumni constituents.

San Francisco, CA
Underwriting Organization: Rowan Venture Fund

Touchjet makes beautifully designed, cutting edge products that inspire people to work together, learn together and play together.

Vital Vio
Troy, NY
Underwriting Organization: Belle Capital

Vital Vio is a privately held biomedical and lighting design company focused on manipulating light to address real world problems by developing innovative methods of delivery. Through precise combination and control of visible light, Vital Vio products utilize light for more than just illumination. Vital Vio units currently focus on the benefits of passive decontamination for human health aspects and environmental safety from microorganisms.

Yost Labs, Inc.
Portsmouth, OH
Underwriting Organization: JobsOhio

Yost Labs is one of the fastest growing tech companies in Ohio. Their patented sensor technologies enable motion and position tracking in many of today’s and tomorrow’s most exciting products. Yost Labs enables virtual reality to be immersive and interactive. They enable drones and autonomous cars to navigate. They measure human motion for medical rehab and athletics. They enable robots to move where they are directed to go. Yost Labs tells you where you are heading and how fast you are getting there. 


New York, NY
Underwriting Organization: Keiretsu Forum Bay Area/Capital

Zive is the productivity software company behind Kiwi for Gmail. Based in New York City, Zive is devoted to humanized design that is beautiful, seamless, and simple. The company is led by a team experienced with raising over $14M in venture funding and creating consumer electronics that have been featured internationally in the Apple Store and Best Buy.