Member Recommended Service Providers

Many entrepreneurs and investors have asked for suggestions of service providers that work with angel investing groups. This section profiles firms who work with and are recommended by ACA members and that have paid a fee to be included in this directory. It is not a complete listing of all of the firms that work with our membership and the firms should be viewed as endorsed by members, rather than ACA itself. Any time you are considering entering into a contract with service firms, we encourage you to conduct your own due diligence first.

Current categories of providers is below and new categories of service firms regularly.

Background Checks/ Investigation Services

Communications and Web Site Development

Financial Services

Human Resources Benefits and Search


Investor Information Services

Law Firms

Professional Portfolio Management

Service providers: Interested in being listed? Information about the program, including fees and an application is here. An important part of the application is a signed endorsement by a current ACA member.

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